She's Come Undone.

If any of you have clicked on the link to the left for my sister-in-law's blog, and read for even five minutes any of her entries, you'd know that she is hysterically funny, and also that she is a bit of an entertainment junkie. She subscribes to all of the movie rags, she is an Al Pacino Devotee of the highest order, which includes the Godfather as being her all-time favorite movie(s), and she was with me when I jumped on stage with George Michael (right behind me really, about to take her turn until a beefy security guard caught on to what was going on). She loves anything to do with the entertainment world, and in fact, produced a short film that was featured at DeNiro's TriBeca film festival. If being in the know about any and all entertainment trivia makes a person deserving of street cred, Ruth's got it.

Or did, until yesterday.

If you've been reading my blog since way back in...let's see, how long has it been now? I forget. Oh, I know. June. If you've been reading my blog since June, you would know that I am a huge fan of Six Feet Under, and have been more than a little distraught that the last episode ever was on Sunday night. I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing that even if you didn't read my blog, you might have read some bona fide news organization's article about the fact that it was going off the air. And if you don't read the paper much, you might have caught an episode of Access Hollywood that mentioned the show was ending. And, if you don't read the papers or watch tv, you might have overheard a conversation at the grocery, as I did, between two cashiers indicating that they were bummed out that Six Feet Under was going off the air, because how cool was it that there was a show about funeral homes. Dude.

Not to mention the fact that in Ruth and my most recent 78 hours of phone conversation, I may have devoted a total of 3 1/2 hours to talking about Six Feet Under going off the air. (I never said I was interesting to talk to, but I will keep you on the phone for two hours. When Ruth and I talk? Let's just say SBC may call us to ask that we not use up all the phone juice for the Eastern Seaboard.)

In other words, it was public knowledge. It's not like HBO was keeping it a big secret or anything, sharing it only with me as they're prone to doing when they make programming decisions. Except for Sex and the City. They did not ask me about keeping that show on the air. Clearly.

So she calls me yesterday after getting back from her week-long vacation in some southern state where they obviously have no media (although I bet somewhere in Appalachia there was a toothless plaid-shirted guy watching the series finale, wiping tears from his eyes, "Dang how ah did luve that Nate fella!") and says, "Sooooo, yeah. I watched Six Feet Under the other night. Was that the last episode ever, because I don't see how they're going to continue the show next year once we know how everyone's going to die."

This is me being speechless. :-0

Maybe it was too hot down there in South Carolina and it fried the right part of her brain. Or maybe one of her sons pilfered a few Entertainment Weeklies over the summer to wipe up beer instead of using her good towels. There must be some reason for it, because for Ruth to not know some piece of entertainment news might just be one of the signs of the Apocolypse.

I might have to get the peanut butter and hide in the basement.


Anonymous said...

you're funny, Guwi.
But please don't say too much - we just watched eposide 1 and 2 last night for the first time - we have about 12 more to watch before we get to the Nate dying thing, which I read about everywhere!!. You see, our kids go to bed the same time as us during the summer - so we couldn't watch it. Last night was the first time they went to bed at "school night" time since school started today (can you hear the yyyyaaaaaayyyyyys all the way from Utah??

Bad DIL said...

I can't believe Ruth didn't know!

I was so bummed too. I loved that show.

Did I ever tell you that my friend Alicia worked as a personal assistant to Mathew St. Patrick, who plays Keith? That's my brush with fame....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Your big brestesssed sister in law said...

First of all, you large brestesssed jughead, you spelled apocalypse wrong. If you had seen Apocalypse Now, you would know. Maybe you need to brush up on your spelling skillz. Ho.

Secondly, I know enough about 6 Feet Under and it's premise and most of the actors in the show, but I've just never watched it. I've heard how great it is. Sadly, I haven't been paying close attention to the "series" finale situation vs. the "season" finale. Perhaps I glazed over that part of your journal entry. (LIKE YA DO) HBO is all screwy with their series. Aren't we all still waiting for the Sopranos "series" finale? Or was that like, 3 years ago?

By the way, do you think Anonymous in Utah read the part about me asking how the series can continue if they listed everyone's date of death? Whoooooooops.

The last time I paid attention to a favorite series ending, it was Seinfeld, which was simply the best comedy ever. And Friends, not because I was a loyal fan whatsostinkinever, but because everyone is STILL talking about that stupid series ending like it was the 8th wonder of the world, which it wasn't. And for any of you out there who I've offended with my anti-Friends rant, Joey SUCKS ASS.

Right now, as TV series go, it's all about House, baby. A sarcastic Brit playing a sarcastic American doctor? What's not to love?

This is me flashing you my hooters:
( o ) V ( o )

Love ya. Bite me.