Things That Make You Go...What the Hell?

A few observations from the past few days, in no particular order:

  • If you have compassion enough to place a "Pray for Our Troops" magnetic ribbon on your car, why are you a complete idiot when it comes to parking, illegally, in spaces meant for the disabled? Twice, I saw this over the weekend.
  • Having a perfect, and I mean a fresh, perfect manicure does not pull all of your attributes into a "look" if you are wearing stretchpants seven sizes too small, no brazierre, have thrice-highlighted hair, the eyebrows of Ernest Borgnine and the mustache of...of...hell, it doesn't matter who, it was a mustache on a woman!
  • Patrons of the DMV in the capitol of a nearby state (I won't say which so I don't insult anyone, let's just say there were more than enough Yankees hats for my taste, I hope that doesn't give it away), for some reason, have the IQ of dust mites. I actually overheard the following: "But I don't understand what it means." "Just read it, you'll see." "No, I really don't understand it...wait a minute...is this in Spanish?"
  • EZ Pass rocks.
  • If you order a chocolate shake at McDonald's because you're driving a long distance, you need some sort of buzz and drinking alcohol is frowned upon, and said McDonald's is out of chocolate, trying to get them to substitute a diet coke at the pickup window is like asking for a Member's Only jacket at Nordstrom's. They're like, no, really, didn't you want a chocolate shake a minute ago, and now you're changing it to a diet soda? I don't get it. How utterly absurd! Da da da da da...I'm lovin' it.
  • There are some straaaaaange retail establishments in this world. Let's just leave it at that.


For any Six Feet Under fans who missed last night's episode, please stop reading, major spoiler ahead, don't say I didn't warn you.

I used to be a real tv junkie. Now, thanks to the miracle of TIVO, I am a smarter, more efficient viewer, and restrict my telly intake to a few shows that really shoot me off the map, metaphorically speaking. Six Feet Under is so unbelievably well-written, funny, dramatic, and thought-provoking with amazingly thorough character development, and I am absolutely in mourning that it's going off the air.

Forget the fact that I'm mourning Nate, who died last night, nearly giving me heart failure. Hey, they've got nothing to lose by killing off a major character, it's the last season, and as anyone who watches it knows, he will be back as a trash-talking apparition before the season ends.

But still. It was Nate, and he so rocked that show.

Oh, and Entourage? Don't even get me started. My new favorite show, with lots of life left in it (unlike my soon-to-be dearly departed Six Feet Under) had maybe the coolest cameo ever when U2 was on last night. Oh, that Bono would wish me Happy Birthday in Spanish during a concert. Maybe someday.


(sorry this was so rambling and boring, I'm exhausted but I had to get a few things out or they overflow like bad plumbing. Fresh, funny, fabulous entry next time, I promise.)

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