Catch a Wave

We consider ourselves very, very fortunate in that we have a lovely place to go to the beach, where my parents have had a home since the late 70s. It's a completely idyllic place, and when the weather is good, the place just sparkles. The last few days were like that. Three days in a row, on a sparkly beach. It couldn't have been better.

Unless, of course, the waves were slightly smaller than the ones in the opening credits of Hawaii-Five-O. That might have been a little better. If that were the case, though, I would not have been able to witness my husband and 40-year-old white-haired brother body-surfing. If their backs hurt today from being tossed about in the undertow like a couple of messages in bottles, then my stomach hurts from laughing so hard at them.

There was nudity.

And, thankfully, not the alcohol-induced kind, which I'm the lucky, lucky girl of having been witness to in the past.

This was of the Getting One's Ass Kicked By Ginormous Waves and Having One's Bathingsuit Violently Yanked Off My Mother Nature (who must be horny) variety.

Which is much better than the alcohol-induced kind, because at least it wasn't their fault and I didn't have to be really mad the next day. But it was damn, damn funny. There was sea water dripping out of my brother's nose for about an hour and a half after they had finished. His nose isn't all that big, either, so where the water was hiding out, I have no idea.

Perhaps the reduced neuron-firing related to past alcohol-induced nudital events have made a little room up there for water to slosh around. In any case, he kept dripping water from the nose, which was at the same time amusing and a little unnerving.

But the beach sparkled, just the same.


Squishy told her first joke. Perhaps inspired by Captain Picklepants recent joke-telling, she knows her first joke, she is so proud, and let me tell you, she tells it over and over.

"Knyah-knyah" (translation: Knock-Knock.)

"Who's there?"

"Ba-ya-ya...JUCE!" (Banana juice.)

That's really it, there's no actual punchline. It's just the darn cutest thing though, and she will tell it over and over.

Wait until she hears the one about the Rabbi and the Priest who go into a bar. She'll be hysterical.


Anonymous said...
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Bad DIL said...

Hee hee! I have been witness to the Alcohol Induced Nudity. Two words - naked sledding.

Your big brestesssessed sister-in-law said...

I'm sincerely hoping that you and your husband are not involved in Donna's witnessing of naked sledding. In some states, that is called "swinging". As for public nudity, you're all a bunch of amateurs compared to the Proud Sober Sleep in the Bed Get Up Walk Around Make Coffee Eat Breakfast While Standing Up Nudity that is on display at my house every single day. As if the head of my house needs alcohol to induce ANYTHING inappropriate. Hey, you knew him first...