It's not like it's Babies on Spikes, or anything.

Right now would be a very bad time for DCF to show up at my house. Not that I'm expecting them to, or anything, but I think they frown upon a two-year-old being in a dog's crate.

With the dog.

It's her choice, obviously, and I keep telling her to get out, then going in and removing her when she doesn't get out, then turning my head for two seconds, only to hear her start kissing the dog, singing to the dog, and telling the dog, "You're my bess fwen." All while inside the crate. Again.

Now both the children are in the crate and Scout is desperately trying to get in. They're all singing "Vertigo" (even the dog) and I think if Bono saw it he would wipe a tear from his eye, it's so darn cute.

Right before he calls the State on me.

It just proves how thrilled we are with our big, 70-lb. dog, who will let both my children crawl all over her with no complaint whatsoever. Getting her when Squishy was 4 months old was a terrible decision for about two weeks, then it turned out to be the best decision we ever made. Especially when Scout lost her sharp puppy teeth. As a result of being brought into a home with a baby, she was a puppy who loved babies, who turned into a dog who loves babies. Babies, kids, cats...pretty much anyone.

Squishy just politely opened the door and said, "Come in, Scout. Come right in."

I'm sure if DCF heard that spoken with such nice manners, they would understand that her being in the crate is totally voluntary. It's not like I lock it, or anything.

Although, that would solve our whole "finding a babysitter" problem.


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