Not That They're Not Big Enough

Sassy isn't feeling well. Sassy caused me to put the couch cushion covers in the wash two nights ago, to rid them of the puke odeur.

Two mornings later, she's not so much unwell as she is unfriendly. So as John was getting ready for work, Sassy and I snuggled in my bed under the blankets (ow, ow, twist my arm, stop it that hurts) while I tried to sweet-talk her into a better mood. My eyes were closed while I came up with ways to do this.

"Whatre you doin mommy?" She said in her best, breathy, 'I am Princess hear me sigh,' voice.

"Just thinking."

"Whatre you thinking about Mommy?" She asked sweetly.

"Actually, I'm thinking about when you were a baby in my tummy, and you were so tiny (yeah, tiny like a rhino is tiny) and sweet, before you were born."

She pulls all of her features down into one little scrunched up frown, her eyes and nose and mouth actually meeting in the middle. Puts on serious, breathy voice.

"Mommy. I don't want to come out of your boobies."

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