Goin' to the Chapel, Part Deux

Krinzie and John Smith, sitting in a tree...F-I-G-M-E-N-T.

I'd like to introduce you to my imaginary-half-son-in-law, John Smith. Krinzie and John met at a local orchard, whilst picking apples. (I swear I'm not making this up, but my daughter does seem to have my sense of fairy tale romance. Perhaps this has something to do with Disney Princesses. Hm.)
John is from North Carolina, where they're now living, but Sassy promises they'll come back to visit.

Sassy gave the happy couple a cooking bowl and some broccoli, wrapped in purple paper. She flew down personally to give her the present, and is going back tonight at midnight to visit her again.

Do you think it'll be awkward for the newly married imaginary couple, for their flesh and bone friend/sister to be the third wheel? I'm guessing she can be really bossy, especially considering she's the only one who...exists.

Mazel Tov, Krinzie and John!

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donna said...

Did Krinzie register at Williams-Sonoma or Crate and Barrel? I'd love to send them an imaginary gift. And if they didn't register then they get an imaginary gift from my imagination and that's a scary thing.