Say Whut?

My husband took the day off from work today, trying to burn up some vacation time before he loses it. We had the pleasure of bringing Sassy to preschool and hanging around for their Halloween parade. Is there anything cuter than 32 4-year-olds in halloween costumes?

So after overdosing on all the cuteness, we decided to go on a little date to Starbucks. Once we remembered what it was like to have an uninterrupted conversation over coffee, we got very silly and I mentioned I wanted to carry a notebook to write down blog ideas for the next month.

"Oh, right," John said. "Nambly Pambly."


"Your thing. The blogging thing. Pablohomo?"

*blank stare*

"Do you mean NaBloPoMo?"

"Oh, you're right. That makes MUCH more sense."

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RYak said...

Ray couldn't even begin to guess the name of my blog. "Nambly Pambly" pretty much sums it up, though.