It's the most wonderful &*^%$* time of the year.

Why is fall cleanup so depressing? You'd think it would be a joyous occasion, a celebration of things to come, mostly food-related: Post-Halloween (mmmmm...chocolate), Thanksgiving (mmmmm....turkey), Christmas (mmmm...cookies), New Year's Eve (mmmm...champagne). Crisp air outside, crackling fire inside. Rosy-cheeked children throwing leaves at each other.


Instead, it's, mmmmmm...rotted pumpkin, mmmmmm...rotted leaves and uurrrggghhh...heavy lifting of patio furniture into the shed. 99.9% of fall is spectacularly wonderful. The remainder sucks harvest ass.

Tomorrow I'll be looking ahead to holiday entertaining, menu-planning, shopping, wrapping and baking. Today, the quantity of leaves in my yard and on my deck are pissing me off. And something's been having a little scooby-pumpkin-snack on our deck. Mere feet away from our bedroom. I think it's either the chupacabra or a killer squirrel.


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