Magical Moments

I wrote awhile back that a few of my nieces and nephews are hitting milestones, some headed down the aisle with their beloveds. We saw my nephew and his lovely betrothed the other night and despite the fact that I'm twelve years past my own wedding day, I love love LOVE hearing wedding details. Love the cake, love the music, love the vows, love it all.

So after discussing the color scheme, dresses, tuxedos and music and the myriad of details that go into the planning of a wedding, the bride-to-be sweetly asked us if Sassy would like to be a Flower Girl.

"Would I?! Would I?! I mean she?! Of course I (ha!), I mean she would! Why don't you ask her?"

So the din surrounding the table full of people hushed, and Lovely Bride-to-Be leaned over to Sassy, whom she was seated next to, and quietly said, "Sassy, would you like to be a Flower Girl in our wedding?" Breath was held, tears welled in [my] eyes, and we all leaned forward expectantly to hear the sweet words come out of my daughter's mouth...








Lady Liberty said...

hahaha! So am I to be replaced as favorite married niece? I would imagine eventually she was convinced that it might be a good idea, no?

Guwi said...

There are no favorites, only beautiful blushing brides. :)

And convincing her is a slow, sneaky process. She has to think it's her idea.

and there may or may not be a gift of a pony involved.