You didn't think I was going to write about actual housekeeping, did you? Well, okay, here's a short story: my house is overrun with toys, candy, laundry, Christmas decorations, and an abundance of electronics with cords I trip over on a near-constant basis. It might be cleaned up at some point in 2009. The End.

(p.s.: I just made some cleaning progress in the candy category, specifically, Reese's mini-cups, aka the best kind of Reese's. See how productive I am!?)

December was long, busy, and deliriously fun. When I have time to catch my breath, I'll share with you:

1. The Death of a Fish

2. My Soon-To-Be-Five-Year-Old-Daughter's Unique Wii Bowling Style (in which she beats everyone she plays, mercilessly but with a touch of sparkle and panache)

3. How To Shop and Re-Shop for a Husband Who Swears He Has Everything He Needs

4. Magical Christmas Moments Including Singing a Duet With My Eight-Year-Old Son in Church on Christmas Eve, and

5. Eating My Weight In Sushi. (That last one doesn't really need further elaboration. We went out for our anniversary and ate a ton of sushi. How's that? Hemingway couldn't have been more concise. Then again, if Hemingway wrote it, someone would surely have died at the end, alone, in the rain.)

My New Year's wishes for you include all the best life can offer: love, health, happiness, safety, and contentment. And if you're on my Christmas card list and just got a card today, it's because I've started a new trend of sending out New Year's cards. Or, Christmas cards 49 weeks early. I'll let you decide.

Either way, I wish you Peace.



ps: Just to be clear, numbers 1 and 5 are unrelated.

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