You won't mistake this for a Dr. Seuss story

Not to belabor the category of 'Kids Say the Darndest Things That Sound Dirty But Aren't Meant To Be'....

We've had this cute little birdy bonking into our window the last week or so. He's yellow (or a citrusy green--we debate this point. Endlessly.) and he likes to sit on the arched support for our new honeysuckle bush. He's very tiny, kind of finch-like and for some reason he likes to fly full speed at our window, repeatedly. Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Silly birdy! Bonk! Bonk! Bonk!

The kids are ridiculously amused by this bird, and at least once a day we catch him bonking into the window. Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! I'm also amused by this, but more because I'm cruel, and I'm really not a bird person. They frighten me, if I'm being perfectly honest. (The first time it happened, I actually hit the dirt because I looked up and this thing was flying right at my head. The fact that there was a barrier between it and me, preventing it from burrowing into my hair and nesting there didn't matter. It was still a bird, and it was flying right at my head.)

Because this is a living thing that has made a repeat appearance at Casa de Guwi, my children decided to name it, as they are wont to do. The wee finchy birdy bird follows in a long tradition of Bob the cardinal, Gary the squirrel and Chuckles the coyote. This time, instead of going with human or clown names, my children decide to be more...how shall I put it...descriptive.

Our new bonking birdy friend's name?


Not only have they named it Pecker, they have made up songs and poems about it, with a play on his name. Hearing "Pecker Peckingham Peckadoodle" sung repeatedly in the car today was beginning to make me feel as though I were in a Monty Python skit. If Monty Python did bits for the 5-8 year old set.

Now that would have made a swell addition to the The Penis Song.

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