Best. Compliment. Ever.

To review the U2 concert would be redundant and totally predictable. I could have reviewed it before I went. "The concert was AWESOME. The end."

Can I have "Captain Obvious" for $200, Alex?

So I will refrain.

Having bought the obligatory t-shirt (and not to segue into a whole thing here, but here's an excerpt from the Concert T-shirt Planning Meeting: "Hey, I heard this whole 'tissue-weight' tee thing is really taking off. It costs 1/3 as much from that third-world country to make them, so one t-shirt will only cost us $.000001 cent to make! If we charge $40 per shirt, we'll be making $39 and...ummm...a lot of change [remember math is not my magic talent]! And tissue weight is more stylish so people will actually think it's fashion instead of a re-usable kleenex with a logo on it! Cool?" "Cool!" the executives chorus in unison. Digressing here? Yes I think so.)

Please to digress.

SO, having bought the oligatory t-shirt, I was wearing it last night (I have this crazy thing about wearing clothes I've purchased. I know! I'm a trendsetter.) and said to my son, fishing for compliments as I'm wont to do, "So, B, what do you think? Do I look like a rockin' mom?"

Without a trace of irony or sarcasm in his voice, "You always look like a rockin' Mom.*"


Even though I fished for it, it didn't make it any less sweet, catching a good one.

*This obviously excludes the times when I wear the knee-length, thick, dirty-dishwater-colored sweater I throw on when I go out to the bus. My Sexy Sweater, as John calls it**.

**it's not Sexy at all. Unlike my son, he is, in fact, employing the clever use of irony. Just to be clear***.

***Says Captain Obvious.

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Susan said...

Keep that one. The son, I mean. And the t-shirt.