Beat's So Lonely

Happy New Year!

And all that.

So today, for a number of reasons too tedious to mention, I am alone. Utterly alone until around 5:00 or 6:00pm. No kids, no husband, no dog. They are on an adventure to an Uncle's house 90 minutes away with Daddy, and because I had something to do this morning that might have taken all day but didn't, I am alone.

What will I do with my alone-ness, you ask?

Why, I will write, longhand, in my journal, whilst sipping an Extra-Grande-Verdi-Vente-Vini-Vidi-Vici cappucino at Starbucks. I will twiddle my hair, pondering life, as I look out the window thoughtfully, watching the world go by.

Or, I will stay home, trying my best to be productive, pulling my house in order, finish the mountain of laundry I have to do, clean out my home office and FINALLY, FINALLY file things that have been in a laundry basket in the closet since summertime. (The same laundry basket that should be holding laundry, like the three laundry basket cousins it has in the basement.)

And, maybe watch Ellen.

I may binge on peanut M&Ms (or, as Squishy calls them, Emineminems, like some stuttering white rapper). I may make Annie's Shells and Cheddar for lunch, even though there are no children around to eat it, and I'm not just having a few bites of theirs "to make sure it's not too hot" like I usually do. I will, hopefully, take down the stragglers of Christmas decorations, the Nutcrackers, who are still standing their ground like the guards at Buckingham Palace, unsmiling, unmoving, un-nutcracking. (I have never cracked a nut with a single one of them. Do you think that makes them feel elitest, as if they're above it all, or useless, as if they're just for decoration, like the guards at Buckingham Palace? Regardless, they're coming down and going in their rubbermaid coffin till next day-after-Thanskgiving.)

One thing's for sure, though. I will go to the grocery, without first putting the dog in the crate, checking to see if I have a spare diaper and wipes just in case, without putting on three coats and two pairs of gloves. I will simply get in the car and go. I may even go to the library without going to the children's section.

I know you wanna party with me. I'm outta control.

God it's so quiet here. Must blast 80's music on satellite radio to mask the loneliness.

Is it 5:00 yet?


Addendum--I just remembered one more fun thing I can do today. I will swear like a sailor. Check it out with your speakers turned way up, but NOT if you are at work, and NOT if there are children around. Don't say I didn't warn you. Not for the easily offended or faint of heart. But still, quite funny.


donna said...

Sounds like a divine day.

My nutcrackers don't crack nuts either. I'm not sure they are even capable of it. I wonder if there is a little blue pill for that?

Anonymous said...

Yo Gewi Bebop Chewbacca or Whateva, I'm younger Ray's (and older Ray / the Bull's) friend Art / Arthur "You may be right, I can't decide." Your blog has made me both chuckly & laffy and I commend your humour. Big ups! I'll definitley keep reading.

If you want to visit my website it is "http://www.3rdarm.biz". Sometime soon I am going to put up a collection of pictures of Ray from the ones I found at my aunt's house dating back to 1997 1998 and 1999 to be titled "Ray at the Beach".