It Got Weird, Didn't It?

I feel like it's the morning after a party, and I've done something really embarrassing while drinking, and I have that cringe, that sheepish feeling as the realization hits me that yes, I did hug and kiss everyone in sight (with tongue) and there was dancing on end tables. (Much more difficult that dining tables, due to the square footage. I'm just that talented of a drinker.)

I was like POST-crazy, yesterday, man! I was like, hey man, I'm going to post some more and have a little more coffee, man, and then post AGAIN!

I'm not usually that hyper. Typically those words frolic through the meadows of my head, but don't actually bound over the gate, freeing themselves from their confining existence.



So what's up with the Adsense ads? I know it's the virtual pink elephant in the room and I'm not supposed to write about it and otherwise call attention to it. I'm not talking about clicking on it, I'm talking about the content of the ads? I'm new to this, so maybe these are like the starter ads, they give you the ones no-one else wants.

Yesterday, my ads consisted of Godislove.com, and websites offering large amounts of money with no credit or collateral. It's as if the Ad Fairy wants me to save the souls and credit of the internet, and is starting with my readers.

Boy is she going to be disappointed. Here you go, here's two readers for you! You're welcome!

Not that I have anything against soul-saving, I'm just not in that business.

(Ironic. I'm wishing I'd get more content-specific ads than religion, so what do I do? I write the word "God." That'll give me different ads! I can't help it. I'm compelled. Hey, you're on a tightrope! Don't look down! "Wow! The people look like little ants from up heeeeerrrrre....")

John speculated last night that this is like the time Tivo thought he was gay, because he kept recommending all the gay series on Showtime. I think it was because of that one time we taped the Rosie O'Donnell Gay Cruise special. Man, one time, and we're branded.

And yes, I do call my Tivo "he." If it was Tiva, I'd call her "she." Duh.

(And no, I have no problem with homosexuality. I just have no more room in my life for new shows.)


So did anyone else see "Ellen" the other day? (How was that for a segway?) Tivo taped it for me because the Indigo Girls were on, and I love me some harmonic girl-singing and acoustic guitar. Annnnyway, they weren't on because of some fool scheduling conflict, but the guy was on who saved the other gent from getting hit by a subway train in New York last week. It seems this young guy started having a seizure, and fell onto the tracks, so Hero-guy (not to be confused with Hero-Guy on Sesame Street) jumps on top of him, covers him up, and the train runs safely over their heads.

So everyone's lauding this Hero-guy, as they should, because how many people would do that? In front of his two young daughters? Just jump, because someone's life is in danger, so risking one's own seems the natural thing to do? I hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't do it, definitely not if my kids were with me. I mean, let's be perfectly honest, when it comes to your kids, you put their safety and mental well-being first, and watching Mommy jump into the tracks and disappear under a speeding train for a few minutes might not actually pave the way for lifelong mental health. I'm all for saving people's lives, I just don't know if I'm that kind of selfless.

But. This guy did an amazing thing, and he should be congratulated. The kid's Dad was on tv last week, praising him, and why shouldn't he? The guy saved his boy's life. So Hero-Dude is on Ellen the other day, and he's looking a little...how should I put this...pleased with himself. He's telling the story, and his girls are there, and Ellen's talking to them in that wonderful way that she has, and then the gifts start coming. Gap donated a $5000 gift certificate. The NJ Nets donated two season's worth of basketball tickets. Beyonce (the 3-year-old's favorite) got on the phone to congratulate Hero-dude, and gave them tickets and backstage passes to her next NYC concert. Ellen gave his girls a mac-daddy computer, with guaranteed upgrades every three years till they graduate high school. Then? There was the giant SUV that Chrysler gave him, along with a year of parking in the city and 2 years of insurance.

This was starting to look less like Ellen and more like "The Price is Right." There's the Dude, racking up all his pricey schwag, and he's appropriately thankful and all, but something was nagging at me.

Don't we all want our heroes to be a little more humble? The firefighter who says, "It's just my job, ma'am," as he hands a bawling mother her toddler? The Good Samaritan who stops to help you fix a flat tire and waves away your $20 bill as he gets in his car? The ONE guy who gets up on a crowded bus to give an 8-month pregnant woman her seat and quietly gets off at the next stop? Do we have a right to ask heroes to behave a certain way?

I mean, this guy did a pretty powerful thing. He acted, without stopping to weigh the consequences, and quite literally laid his life on the line to save a perfect stranger's life. Doesn't he deserve a little kudos?

Absolutely. I guess I just wished he didn't enjoy the attention so much.

But what the hell do I know? If he saved one of my kids, I'm sure I'd feel differently. I'd probably buy him a car myself.

It was just a little nagging feeling, that's all. Usually I just take a Tums.

Good day to you all. :)

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donna said...

I didn't see it, but it would have annoyed me too. I mean, he obviously wasn't seeking attention when he did what he did, but sounds like he now expects it. I wonder how many other shows he's been on and interviews for papers and such he's done.

And seriously, that swag pile Ellen gave him? Isn't that a bit much?