Ba-Rock the Vote!

This has never been a political blog, as you may have noticed. I tend to keep my political views to myself, or at least limited to a close circle of people. Perhaps it's because I haven't been inspired by a candidate in so long, and talking ad nauseum about my disgust with current office-holders gets old and is exhausting, not to mention very negative. And I am CHEERFUL, DAMMIT! (usually). Sometimes it's difficult to remember there are issues that affect the larger picture, this country and the world, when I'm knee-deep in the everyday life of making lunches, driving to and from preschool, supervising homework and going to doctor's checkups.


I am now officially a card-carrying rider on Barack Obama's Bandwagon.

While I've liked him from the start, I tend to keep mum about which way my voting will swing. I'm a registered Democrat, but at primary time, there are a lot of choices. Even during a November election, I don't always vote blue.

As my state's voting day grew closer, I solidified my position. While I am without question not a Hillary Clinton fan, I didn't want to join the Obama camp based on his charisma alone. I wanted to be able to refute claims of his inexperience with hard facts; school myself on his positions on healthcare, education, how he plans to get out of this mess in Iraq. I read as much as I could about him and his opponents, and felt comfortable with my choice.

Then came the blue icing on the primary cake. Last night I had the good fortune to attend a rally with 17,000 other people and hear him speak. I knew I would be moved. I knew I would be inspired. I knew I would leave with hope.

What I didn't know is that suddenly I am quite certain that this man holds the key to healing what ails this country.

I realize that one person does not have a magic spell to cast, waving a wand and suddenly finding our citizens fed, healthy, educated, safe and prosperous. I know one person does not just say, "Okay, folks! War's over! The End!"

But I also know it takes a born leader to pave the way. I know that hope goes a long way. When people feel hope, when there is positive energy instead of national malaise, amazing things can happen.

Barack Obama offers hope to a country badly in need of this precious commodity. He can help heal the deep divide left by the current and past administrations. If we elect this guy, I truly feel this will be a better place to live. I think we can gain back some worldwide respect for this country that's been lost over the last dozen years. I think we can bring some of our military home to their families. I think we can lend a hand to some of our citizens living in poverty and without medical care.

If today is primary day in your state, I hope you'll vote. I still get a chill every time I vote, regardless of who I pulled the lever for, because I'm so honored to have the sheer privilege of having a say in who leads this country.

Today not only was I honored, I was finally proud of who I voted for.

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Denise Thomas said...

YES!!! What she said!!!! Thank you for articulating my feelings and my decisions far more eloquently than I have ever been able to do. This man requires a leap of faith from all of us. He may prove us wrong, although I do not believe that he will, but we cannot afford to pass on him.
p.s. Were you in Hartford? Are we neighbors?