Anyone have a Cat-to-English dictionary?

I never realized I need to be surrounded by other warm, living beings on a near-constant basis, but I end up being really out-of-sorts when the routine in off and someone in the house is missing. Scoutie is at the vet overnight to cure her of her heartworm ailment, the prevention of which we missed in Puppy-rearing 101.

Even Stupid Cat misses her--she normally goes around the house meowing loudly and urgently, and today it's even MORE loud and MORE urgent. At least it's not 4:00am, the time of her usual appointed rounds, circling the house meowing loudly and urgently, as if to say...what? WTF is she saying?

"I'm bbboooOOORRREEEDDDD. I want something to eeeaaAATTTTT. And while you're at it can you rub my bbbuuuUUUTTTTT I will put it in your face so it's cccoooonnnnnvvvVVVEEENNNIIIEEENNNTT."

Or words to that effect.

So Scoutie is at the nice new vet's place, we picked a new one a little bit ago. She likes it pretty well, except when they put her on a scale. I'm right there with you sister, I hate it too.

So a quiet house till the babies get home, time for a coffee and a quick post, then the day proceeds with its typical glamorous, star-studded pace. I don't want to get you too excited but I may make something chicken-related for dinner tonight. I'll get back to you as soon as I know.

So...yeah, NaBloPoMo! Bringing out the daily mediocrity in all of us, coming to you this November.

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