Which is the right side of bed to wake up on anyway?

It's only 8:40 in the morning, and already I'm hoping I can shake the Crabby McCrabby mood in which I woke.

I think it began when Sassy crawled into bed early this morning, and I squished in for a snuggle. Heaven, right? Yes, until she started fwapping me in the face with her 'pillow willow,' this weird squishy thing with the most horribly textured fabric on the outside. So after I asked her to stop and she continued, I might have, just maybe grabbed it and thrown it angrily across the room.

I'm guessing it's more the fact that I did that than that she was fwapping me with it that put me in a funk.

So she got me out of bed to get 'cereal please Mommy is it time for cereal yet,' and I stumbled into the kitchen and pulled out a few choices. She made hers, I made mine, and we both poured our respective bowls. I turned around to empty a new huge costco bag of cereal into a tupperware container designed just for this purpose, and as I had overpoured my bowl, started to empty a bit of it back into the full container. Which also now contained milk, which Sassy had thoughtfully poured into my bowl without my knowledge.

"Oh, Sassy," I groaned, "I didn't know you'd poured milk into my bowl. Now we have to throw out the new box of cereal.

Now if you're really, really smart, but only then, you might know what came next.

"But, Mommy," said through the beginning of tears, "I was only trying to he-- he-- help..." now dissolving into full-on weepfest.

So we sat down and hugged it out. "I'm so sorry I made you feel badly, Sassy. I didn't mean to, and I know you were helping, because you're so helpful, right?" Emphatic nod of head. "See, Sassy, sometimes Mommy acts like an as*&ole, even though she's really not, she gets frustrated and really effing rude. And she's so sorry. Here, give this Mommy a kiss, she really effing loves you."

"F*&k off, Mommy."

It's okay. I deserved it.

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