Krinzie Smith: Baby Mama

So, as it turns out, Krinzie is in a delicate condition. According to Sassy, she's due in two days. Which would explain why we haven't seen the newlyweds, evidently they didn't want people to know when she must have been so obviously showing. Or, it's like on that episode of Fringe, where the couple had sex, she got pregnant and delivered a baby in a span of 20 minutes, and the baby started aging and died an old man within moments of being delivered.

Come to think of it, Krinzie could be featured on Fringe. Maybe we're already living an episode of Fringe.

Okay, now I've freaked myself out.

Back to the happy, expectant couple. So Krinzie is due in two days, with a girl that she'll call Baby Mary. After further clarification, her given name will actually be 'Baby' (think Dirty Dancing), her middle name is Mary. So her name will actually be Baby Mary Smith. (Which will make a great name for a goth band when Baby is a teenager, which should be about 20 minutes from now.)

Speaking of bands, the day when Krinzie 'gets her baby' (and for the purposes of conversing with my young daughter, we're going to leave it at that kthanx), they get to go to a musical band, starring one of Krinzie's friends who is 18. One of Krinzie's other friends in the band is 21 (there always has to be the 21-year-old, for the buying of the booze). John Smith's friend is 8, and also in the band, which must be awkward when their sets need to end at 7:30 so he can make bedtime.

And the name of the band? The Rhombo.

*sigh* If I were half as creative as my four-year-old daughter, I'd be on my fifth novel by now.

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