Today's To-Do List; Hindsight:

1. Host new kid on playdate
2. Get babysitter so I can spend $3,678,437.08 at Target and grocery in peace
3. Put away delicious food ingredients for tomorrow's 5,000 calorie feast, heat frozen pizza and taquitos for dinner tonight
4. Make soup
5. Place first batch of soup in blender to puree: overload; invent new cuss words as soup sprays wildly all over counter and freshly cleaned stove
6. Put soup outside to cool, where bears will hopefully not find it
7. Start load of table linens in washer
8. Arrange tables in interesting, feng shui way in only possible layout that will seat 25 people
9. Wash last of soup dishes and soup spills so kitchen may be violated in new and interesting ways seven short hours from now
10. Realize blog has been neglected for the day, NaBloPoMo is in jeopardy, run to dash off lame list that will have to pass as today's post.
11. Sleep...delicious sleeeeeppppp......

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