Happy U2 Week, Everyone!

Not quite as exciting as Shark Week, but U2 Week is here! What? You've never heard of U2 Week? I will pause amidst my reverie to explain.

Normally, though U2 is the greatest rock band EVAH, a housefrau such as myself would have to devote herself to daily internet scanning to find the latest and greatest on her boys. If I sat here for 10 hours straight, I'd only brush the tip of the iceberg in terms of available information on the Dublin Four. Not that I've ever sat online for 10 hours reading about U2. Please. Eight is my limit. After that my legs fall permanently asleep.

But you see how a full-time, non-paying, some might say obsessive job might be in conflict with my other full-time gig, taking care of the babies and the house. (which currently has a spotless basement, thanks very much). Enter: U2 Week!

When U2 comes out with a new album, you find them everywhere without even trying. This week alone, they're on David Letterman every night. Let me repeat myself in case you missed it: U2 is on David Letterman EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK. Please to excuse while I wallow in the beauty. They're also on Good Morning America Friday morning, and there are rumours of free concerts and small club gigs in the large cities nearest me which DO NOT HAPPEN TO ALSO INCLUDE MY SMALL TOWN IN CONNECTICUT BITTER WHY NO WHY DO YOU ASK.

Still and all, I love it when they're in the midst of promoting a new album, and I can't open a paper, magazine, or website without some mention of their bad selves. Why, at this very moment, I am free-viewing their new album on U2.com. You can't download it till tomorrow, but I can listen to it to my heart's content for the next eleven hours till my pre-order automatically downloads in my itunes account.

And it, my friends, is awesome. (One order of bias please, extra gushing on the side?)

So Happy U2 Week! May you see every episode of Letterman, read every article easily accessible online, and of course, enjoy the album. And if any of you members of my vast readership catches them in a small club gig, please keep it to yourself. No need to tell me the truth about Santa on Christmas morning.


donna said...

And a happy U2 week to you, too! Even if we miss the little shows, a tour must be coming soon!

Swistle said...

OMG. U2 was my college boyfriend's FAVORITE BAND OF ALL TIME. I don't think he ever listened to any other music. We went to a U2 concert together. When we got married, it was on A LOT in the background. Since our divorce, I listen to them....less often.

Life As I Know It said...

My 7 year old loves loves loves Bono. We have U2 on around here all day everyday. I prefer my man Bruce, but the kids out rule me and put on U2...City of Blinding Lights is his favorite.