And, why, exactly, did this need to be put into words?

Random snippets of songs inexplicably whirling through my head today, and my educated guesses as to why:

Burn baby, burn...disco inferno! Burn baby burn...
(we have a family wedding friday night, and I think I'm subconsciously planning out my moves. Yeeeeahhhh, boyeeee....how YOU doin'?)

HU--UHEGHEEEEY! I feel good (da na na na na na na) I knew that I would now (da na na na na na na)
(I have clearly had enough fiber for the day. Diverticulitis: 0, Me: 1. HOO-AH.)

Didn't we almost have it all....A NIGHT to end...without...um...the morning....or something...
(Whitney Houston, get the HELL out of my head. The reason I don't know all the words is because you SUCK. Even though you're stuck in my head.)

You've got to get yourself together you got stuck in a moment, and you can't get out of it...
(Bono, you're my guy, but please stop. This is clearly about all the laundry I have to do today, and you're just stressing me out, rendering me even less productive.)

I never think about the future I just live for today (yesterday, girl...yesterday, girl...)
(Please see above, re: planning my moves, not doing laundry etc. But still! The Smithereens rock!)

Get up off your rumpah and do the damn laundry...HOLLA
(I just wrote it...what do you think? I'm sooo a hip-hop girl at heart.)

peace out, East Coast representin'

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