Do you have a flag?

Though I frequently dream about being in Catholic churches, Eddie Izzard administering communion while dressed in a drag cassock was a first. It was purple, I believe, with a hot pink roman collar and silver accessories. As he offered the wafer, he seemed amused that one of his oft-quoted catch phrases also fit the occasion; I'm not sure whether it was "Cake or death?" or "Hoocha hoocha hoocha...lobster!" but either way, I'm quite sure it's sacriligious. But what are you gonna do? It's my dream, dammit.

I'm not sure why I dream about being in Catholic churches--I've officially been an ex-Catholic for close to five years, so the guilt would seem to have subsided by now. (HA! say all of you current or former Catholics. The guilt NEVER SUBSIDES. Welcome to the rest of your GUILT-RIDDEN LIFE.) The funny thing is, I still enjoy being within the physical confines of a Catholic church. My church is simple and lovely, and distraction-free which helps me in particular, because...ooo, look! Shiny cross!

But I do love a really old church--all intricate carvings, centuries-old stonework, tattered flags hanging, flying buttresses. I never think it's a distraction, more of an enhancement. I've been to Ireland several times and am pleased to report there are almost as many churches as pubs. Proximity is convenient should you have something pub-related to confess.

Eddie as a Eucharistic Minister though? While I'd love to see that, something tells me his application would be denied (or, you know, not submitted in the first place). Which is a shame. The purple/pink/silver combo was really striking.


Susan said...

I go to a simple church with no distractions, but I do love the gorgeousness of catholic churches. I love the robes and the acoustics and the candles. Monks chanting in a Russian Orthodox church completely unraveled me once.
Eddie Izzard in purple, pink and silver would really make communion memorable.

donna said...

Funny you should mention this today when I'm sitting around in my "Cake or death?" t-shirt from when we saw Eddie last summer!