Best. Birthday. Present. Evar.

This birthday began with an extra half-hour of sleep and a delicious breakfast in bed. John packed our adorable kids off to school so I could wrap my hands around my warm coffee mug in peace.

I settled in front of the fire for a little pre-shower facebooking. There's someone with whom I share a birthday and I was determined to get to her first (I did! I rule!). John came out and started tying his shoes, and I started complaining. Like I do.

"Y'know, this would be complete if my arms were covered. I'm a little chilly--too bad I don't have a Snuggie! I'd write on facebook, 'I wish I had a Snuggie' but I'm afraid someone would take me literally and drop one off today."

John laughed, we said our goodbyes, and he headed out to the car. A moment later, he came back in.

"Shut your eyes and hold out your hands!" Always willing to be blindly showered with gifts, I obliged.

When I opened my eyes, I was holding a box. and in that box?

A Snuggie. Hilarity ensued.

"I didn't want you to think I ran out and bought you one today!" As we were doubled over laughing, it suddenly occurred to me to ask,

"Honey, this is an ironic gift, right? Or are we as-seen-on-tv shoppers now?"

He just smiled. "Happy Birthday, honey!"

Btw, Snuggies? Totally rock. I'm just sayin'.

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