sleeeppp....sleeepppp in your cereal....

Sassy and I were discussing breakfast options this morning.

"Cereal or eggs, Sassy? Which would you like?"

"How about....Ambien Frosted Flakes?"


"Do you mean Amazon Frosted Flakes? That supposedly organic substitute for the stuff Tony the Tiger has been shilling all these many years?"

"No, Mom. I really mean Ambien Frosted Flakes." Like, duh, she seemed to say, eye-rollingly.

If you ask me, the cereal companies are totally missing the boat on a great flake marketing opportunity. And just to make it sound a little dreamier, how about Sleepyflakes? Snoozyflakes? Yawnyflakes?

[sleep-deprived parent of hyper toddler]: "You mean to tell me that I can legally give this stuff to my kid and he'll sleep? And it's organic? Four, please. Scratch that. I'll take a whole case."

Drug-infused cereal, coming to a fine grocer near you. Brought to you by Sassy, Queen of Dreamland.

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RYak said...

Ambien AND Midget Porn. Can't way for her next turn at "storytelling" time in her class!

PS: Because you're kind of funny, I nominated you for a Super Scribbler Award. Yeah. See if NanoBlowMo can top that!