Krinzie Smith: Baby Mama, Convicted Felon (or is it Menial Sinner?)

I was recently informed that my newly-married, new-mother pretend daughter is in the Big House.

Yes, it's true. Krinzie is in jail.

Evidently, and I'll have to confirm the details when I get a copy of the police report, Krinzie didn't want to 'do kung fu', and she got badly hurt. To make matters worse, she climbed to the edge of the top of the branch.

She is a ne'er-do-well, and a daredevil, and it's a darn good thing she was caught before anyone was seriously hurt.

Baby Mary is with her Daddy, John Smith, who is understandably upset and confused by this whole thing.

Sassy has a plan, though. She is going to karate-chop her out, break the chains, push the door and then she’ll be free.

*sigh* Had we known about her proclivity for crime, we could have staged an intervention. I mean, when I think of the things she'll experience in prison, I wonder if she'll ever be the same.

What am I thinking? This is Krinzie! She'll be out before you know it and probably tap-dancing on Broadway or climbing Mt. Everest! She can do anything!

(Except, y'know. Be.)


donna said...

You need to find an illustrator and write a book about Krinzie's adventures.

Marmite Breath said...

That girl needs to check herself before she wrecks herself.