Sweet Jeebus, could there have been a more lame placeholder than yesterday's post? I was literally in the car and remembered I hadn't posted, and I couldn't bear the thought of failing at this goofy challenge with two days to go. So I grabbed John's iphone and started pecking the words out, all the while getting nauseous from motion sickness, and kept having to stick my head out the window like a giddy dog. It's cuz I love you guys. Truly. Madly. Deeply.

So what did I do this month? Let's recap:

I crabbed about raking leaves.

I was violated.

We elected a new president, and I wept. Early and often.

I dropped a ball.

My newlywed imaginary half-daughter had a baby, and was thrown in the slammer.

My daughter was asked to be a flower-girl. Survey says....NO.

I was hit upon.

I learned the dangers of BUI: Blogging Under the Influence.

We invented a new Olympic Event.

I taught my son some new words.

I shared some of my OCD behavior.

I Gave Thanks.

So as it turns out, when I have motivation, I can perform a task consistently, on a daily basis. With that in mind, I'd like to introduce a few new monthly challenges which address areas of my life I'd like to improve upon, consistency-wise.

NaLaFoMo (National Laundry Folding Month)

NaTeeFloMo (National Teeth Flossing Month)

NaFiMaSoInFoDinMo (National Finally Make Something Interesting For Dinner Month)

DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo (National Julie Andrews Month...I just wanted to see if you were paying attention).

There was laughter, tears, frantic nonsense, and in the end, we all learned a little more about each other. Group hug, shall we?

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you...The Christmas Season.



Marmite Breath said...

I am going to celebrate National Julie Andrews Month! I adore her!

Also, I must floss more regularly. Although when my daughter complained about not having white teeth today, my friend said, "Yes, but Had, you are half English" so I guess me not flossing doesn't matter as my teeth are jacked up anyway.

Jacked up? Like this comment.

Mama Bee said...

Just found your blog through Facebook and LOVE IT! Still catching up but just wanted to say Hi & Keep up the Funny! :)